Incidental Reports

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Incidental Reports
Permanent Mission
Avatar Shadow Guard.png
Location: Shadow Guard (Fortune City)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Negawraith 1 time.
Reward: 200 Credits
Mission Chain: Vendettas
Female Troubles > Saccharine Sentiments‎ > Head-Bashing Opportunity > Incidental Reports > Random Spoils
Level: 16
Mission Text
Before Completion
Hmm... I forgot all about this assignment from Mr. Cox. Guy's not much of a fighter, but he signs my paychecks so I can get my rent paid on Friday. I need a few more minutes to finish filling out all these incident reports for the Administration. Dot my t's, cross my i's. The whole drill. Fight the NegaWraith so he doesn't notice I'm turning in these forms late.
After Completion
That didn't take too long... luckily, these incident reports weren't too complicated. Got them in just under the buzzer. Now, if you'll do me one more favor, I'll share the spoils with you.