Infernal Charge

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This mission was introduced during a special in-game event or offer and may no longer be available.

Infernal Charge
Event Mission
Avatar Kraggor.png
Location: Kraggor (Wasteland)
Objective: Win 100 random solo (1vs1) battles.
Reward: 10000 Credits
Mission Chain: Infernal Quest Part 1
Infernal Malfunction > Curious Corruption > Defragmentation > Marauding Menace > Data Recovery (Mirv) > Infernal Blueprint (Mission) > Shard Search (Kraggor) > Delta Core Retrieval > Infernal Charge > Still Charging > Infernal Redemption
Mission Text
Before Completion
This core is in good condition, but it requires a charge. The best way to achieve the charge this weapon requires is through the exertion of combat!

Win 100 1v1 PvP victories to charge the core!
After Completion
The core glows and pulses with the fury of battle! Let me run some tests to see if the core is ready.