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Not to be confused with the Daily Alignment War.

Warevent fryste.png

After years of an uneasy truce between the Legion's presence in Frysteland- the cold, mountainous region to the north of Delta V's main continent -- and the Delta V native Krampus, dictatrix Alydriah Descarl made a move to conquer those that remained relatively free from the Administration's control. Led by the formidable Commander Edgar Boothe, the Legion soldiers and corrupted Yetis fought aggressively against the primitive Krampus tribe. The Krampus, led by the Shaman Aldhagrimm the Erudite and King Alaric (the Technologically Impaired), the Krampus allied themselves with Exile forces but were ultimately defeated.

In the aftermath, Alydriah set herself up as Queen over Frysteland and began the work of corrupting the local wildlife, including Ylwa the Demon Rider's personal mount Maia the Frost Demon. Boothe, torn between his loyalty to the Legion and love for his heritage saved some of the Krampus from execution, including King Alaric and Boothe's grandmother Aldhagrimm. The War coincided with Hank and his wife Valestra's Juloffenblotten festivities, ruining their winter holiday.

Aldriah and her Legion forces have moved into Frysteland and seek to corrupt the Yetis to add them to their war effort as biological weapons. Only the Krampuses have stood in her way, but now they are poised to fall to this latest Legion assault. The Exiles hope to sway the last remaining Krampuses to join their cause by assisting them in pushing Alydriah out of Frysteland for good!

Those loyal to the Legion will need to crush the Krampuses to demoralize them into submitting to the Legion. Exiles, seeking the loyalty of the Krampuses in their rebellion will need to defeat Yetis that have been corrupted by Legion manipulation and Alydriah's fierce Arctic Guards.

Legion has won this war.

Frysteland War Points
NPC War Points Earned
Frost Reaper 5
Krampus Warrior 5
Arctic Guard 10
Krampus Technician 10
Fenris 20
Yeti Hulk 20
Edgar Boothe 50
King Alaric 50

Note: Players with the Beast Rider or Frost Reaper Armors equipped earned 20% more War Points.

Frysteland War Drops
Item Drop Sellback
Flawed Ice Gem 55 Credits
Ice Gem 190 Credits
Perfect Ice Gem 400 Credits

Frysteland War Point Achievements
Achievement War Points Rating Points
Frysteland Junior Cadet 100 200
Frysteland Squad Leader 1,200 400
Frysteland Infantry Officer 5,000 600
Frysteland Field Commander 10,000 1000
Frysteland Platoon Corporal 25,000 1500
Frysteland Contract Sergeant 50,000 2000
Frysteland Fleet Lieutenant 100,000 2500
Frysteland War Major 250,000 3000
Frysteland War Captain 500,000 3500
Frysteland War Chief 750,000 4000
Frysteland War General 1,000,000 5000
Warevent infernal.png


After years of searching, John “The Lawman” St. Alban was able to enter the mysterious Delta Vault, but not without opposition. John and his allies had to face off against not only the Legion forces led by Administrator 7, Silas Auer, but also the subterranean insectoid techno-organic creatures known as Mechachillids. But this story started 20 years before the events of EpicDuel, and each of Auer's allies had their reasons to hate St. Alban. John's obsession with the contents of the Delta Vault led him to betray his partner in the Galactic Marshalls -- a young Silas Auer -- by sending the younger man's former lover Commander Valestra Acker (Hitchens) into the hands of Delta V's enemies. Valestra lost her arm during her escape, and when he confronted John about it, John shot off Silas's face. Along with Silas and Valestra, John fought against his daughter Ella and the man he blamed for seducing and corrupting her, the Nightwraith. But, in the end the Exiles and John's allies -- Ulysses and Galatea and John's younger daughter Selina -- were the first to infiltrate the Delta Vault and uncover its horrific content: by Baelius's order, Ulysses had developed a method of using a corpse to power a cyborg soldier (his wife Galatea was, in fact, one of these soldiers after having died in the Vault). He was sentenced to death, but survived his execution, losing his memory. Silas was not ready to accept his defeat, but John proved once again that he was not above underhanded tactics, threatening the child Silas had fathered with Valestra- Naomi. Silas surrendered himself to save his daughter.

Instead of strictly Legion vs. Exile, both Legion and Exile players will be punching through the Vault gates. Baelius spared no expense when securing the Delta Vault so the Vault doors are protected by multiple layers of shielding to protect the them from human activity. When breached, each level of protection releases a special “something” that will be discovered when that level of defense is breached.

So, how are you getting through the Vault's defenses? You’ll be using grenades, available from drops or by purchase, to inflict massive damage on the Vault doors. ALL grenades will be available as drops (no exceptions), so anyone can use any bomb on the doors. There will also be mission chains that award even more war bombs! The catch is the Vault doors fight back! How long can you last against its devastating security systems?

Exile has won this war.

Infernal War Influence
Battle Mode Influence Earned
1vs1 10
2vs2 40
Delta Vault (Damage*.1)+15

Infernal War Drops
Item Drop Sellback
Flawed Infernal Gem 55 Credits
Infernal Gem 190 Credits
Perfect Infernal Gem 400 Credits

Infernal War Influence Achievements
Achievement War Influence Rating Points
Infernal War Grunt 1 100
Infernal Junior Cadet 500 200
Infernal Squad Leader 2,500 400
Infernal Infantry Officer 7,500 600
Infernal Field Commander 22,000 1000
Infernal Platoon Corporal 50,000 1500
Infernal Contract Sergeant 75,000 2000
Infernal Fleet Lieutenant 100,000 2500
Infernal War Major 150,000 3000
Infernal War Captain 250,000 3500
Infernal War Chief 350,000 4000
Infernal War General 450,000 5000

Infernal War Vault Damage Achievements
Achievement Vault Damage Rating Points
Vault Cracker 7,500 1500
Vault Cracker II 25,000 2000
Vault Cracker III 100,000 2500

Infernal War Rewards
Reward Requirement
Vault Breaker I First Alignment to defeat Delta Vault (1st Door).
Vault Breaker II First Alignment to defeat Delta Vault (2nd Door).
Vault Breaker III First Alignment to defeat Delta Vault (3rd Door).
Infernal Conqueror First Alignment to defeat Delta Vault (4th Door).
Break on Through Second Alignment to defeat Delta Vault (4th Door).
Warevent ec.png

EbilCorp War Points
NPC War Points
Corporate Ninja (Level 1) 1
Corporate Ninja (Level 7) 2
Ebil Hazard (Level 15) 3
Corporate Ninja (Level 20) 4
Ebil Hazard (Level 20) 4
Corporate Ninja (Level 25) 5
Corporate Ninja (Level 30) 10
Ebil Hazard (Level 30) 10
Chairman Platinum 15
Chairman Platinum (Hard Mode) 50

EbilCorp War Drops
Item Drop Sellback
Chairman Bux 50 Credits

EbilCorp War Rewards
Reward Requirement
Varium (see below) 10 War Points
Kimberly's Inventory War Bar - 100%
Ten Year Titan War Bar - 100%

EbilCorp War Points Rewards
War Points Varium Received
10 100
100 200
10,000 500

Note: These are just benchmarks as there is no known calculation to the Varium Rewards, your points are not rounded up or down based on these numbers and are simply here to give you an idea to approximate how much points you needed to earn a certain amount of Varium. For example, if you were to have ended the war with 50 Points, you would receive more than 100 Varium but less than 200 Varium as a reward.

Warevent dread.png

Dread War Points
War Objective Value (Level 1 → 2 → 3)
Barrens Outpost
Barrens Propaganda Tower 2 → 4 → 6
Barrens Shield Generator 2 → 4 → 6
Barrens Turret Array 2 → 4 → 6
Bazaar Command Hub 5 → 7 → 9
Mirv's Ammo Depot 2 → 4 → 6
Biological Preserve
Archive AI 5 → 7 → 9
Bio Ammo Depot 2 → 4 → 6
Bio Cannon 2 → 4 → 6
Bio Shield Generator 2 → 4 → 6
Central Station
Central Station Ammo Depot 2 → 4 → 6
Central Station Cannon 2 → 4 → 6
Central Station Command Hub 5 → 7 → 9
Central Station Propaganda Tower 2 → 4 → 6
Central Station Shield Generator 2 → 4 → 6
Dread Plains
Dread Ammo Depot 2 → 4 → 6
Dread Control Array 5 → 7 → 9
Dread Missile Turret‎ 2 → 4 → 6
Dread Propaganda Tower East 2 → 4 → 6
Dread Propaganda Tower West 2 → 4 → 6
Dread Radar Array 2 → 4 → 6
Dread Shield Generator 2 → 4 → 6
Fortune City
Fortune City Ammo Depot 2 → 4 → 6
Fortune City Battle Arena 5 → 7 → 9
Fortune City Propaganda Tower 2 → 4 → 6
Fortune City Shield Generator 2 → 4 → 6
Fortune City Turret‎ 2 → 4 → 6
Overlord Facility
Overlord AI 5 → 7 → 9
Overlord Propaganda Tower 2 → 4 → 6
Overlord Shield Generator 2 → 4 → 6
Overlord Turret‎ 2 → 4 → 6
Mines Propaganda Tower 2 → 4 → 6
Minestation Propaganda Tower 2 → 4 → 6
Minetower Shield Generator 2 → 4 → 6
Minetower Suite Entrance 5 → 7 → 9
Wasteland Ammo Depot 2 → 4 → 6
Wasteland Missile Turret‎ 2 → 4 → 6
Wasteland Radar Array 2 → 4 → 6
West Naval Yard
Naval Yard Cannon 2 → 4 → 6
Naval Yard Shield Generator 2 → 4 → 6
Naval Yard Shack 5 → 7 → 9

Dread War Objectives
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Ammo Depot
(Central Station Ammo Depot, Dread Ammo Depot, Fortune City Ammo Depot, Wasteland Ammo Depot)
AmmoDepot1.png AmmoDepot2.png AmmoDepot3.png
Archive AI
ArchiveAI1.png ArchiveAI2.png ArchiveAI3.png
Barrens Turret Array
BarrensTurretArray1.png BarrensTurretArray2.png BarrensTurretArray3.png
Bio Ammo Depot
BioAmmoDepot1.png BioAmmoDepot2.png BioAmmoDepot3.png
(Bio Cannon, Central Station Cannon, Naval Yard Cannon)
Cannon1.png Cannon2.png Cannon3.png
Command Hub
(Bazaar Command Hub, Central Station Command Hub)
CommandHub1.png CommandHub2.png CommandHub3.png
Dread Control Array
DreadControlArray1.png DreadControlArray2.png DreadControlArray3.png
Fortune City Battle Arena (Exile)
FortuneCityBattleArenaE1.png FortuneCityBattleArenaE2.png FortuneCityBattleArenaE3.png
Fortune City Battle Arena (Legion)
FortuneCityBattleArenaL1.png FortuneCityBattleArenaL2.png FortuneCityBattleArenaL3.png
Minetower Suite Entrance
MinetowerSuiteEntrance1.png MinetowerSuiteEntrance2.png MinetowerSuiteEntrance3.png
Mirv's Ammo Depot
MirvAmmoDepot1.png MirvAmmoDepot2.png MirvAmmoDepot3.png
Missile Turret
(Dread Missile Turret‎, Wasteland Missile Turret‎)
MissileTurret1.png MissileTurret2.png MissileTurret3.png
Naval Yard Shack
NavalYardShack1.png NavalYardShack2.png NavalYardShack3.png
Overlord AI
OverlordAI1.png OverlordAI2.png OverlordAI3.png
Propaganda Tower
(Barrens Propaganda Tower, Central Station Propaganda Tower, Dread Propaganda Tower East, Dread Propaganda Tower West, Mines Propaganda Tower, Minestation Propaganda Tower)
PropagandaTower1.png PropagandaTower2.png PropagandaTower3.png
Propaganda Tower
(Fortune City Propaganda Tower, Overlord Propaganda Tower)
PropagandaTower21.png PropagandaTower22.png PropagandaTower23.png
Radar Array
(Dread Radar Array, Wasteland Radar Array)
RadarArray1.png RadarArray2.png RadarArray3.png
Shield Generator
(Barrens Shield Generator, Bio Shield Generator, Central Station Shield Generator, Dread Shield Generator, Minetower Shield Generator, Naval Yard Shield Generator)
ShieldGenerator1.png ShieldGenerator2.png ShieldGenerator3.png
Shield Generator
(Fortune City Shield Generator, Overlord Shield Generator)
ShieldGenerator21.png ShieldGenerator22.png ShieldGenerator23.png
(Fortune City Turret‎, Overlord Turret‎)
Turret1.png Turret2.png Turret3.png

Players can earn Influence by doing 1vs1, 2vs2 or juggernaut battles, which allows player to control or reinforce a War Objective.

There is one main objective in each area, which has a value of 5, and all other objectives have a value of 2 at level 1. For each level increase of the war objective, the value increases by 2.

Every 15 minutes the point value of these is added to each alignments score. This is shown on the map screen.

To gain control of an objective you must battle on that map screen and if you win, the influence you gain will be accrued in the bar above the objective.

The alignment with the most influence controls that objective and is taxed 50 influence per hour. The flag of the faction with the most influence in that alignment is displayed.

If there is a reversal of control for the war objective, it will go into a 20 minute cooldown and the new controlling alignment will be rewarded a 40% influence start (of the maximum). The maximum influence for war objectives worth 2 is 750, so the 40% starting influence would be 300. The maximum influence for war objectives worth 5 is 1200, so the 40% starting influence would be 480. This stops objectives changing back and forth and will also spread battles across Delta V.

Dread War Rank Achievements
Achievement Tier Influence Required Rating Points
200 100
1,000 200
3,000 400
10,000 600
20,000 800
50,000 1000
100,000 1200
150,000 1500
200,000 2000
250,000 2500

Dread War Objective Achievements
Achievement Tier Captures Required Rating Points
10 250
20 500
50 750
100 1000
200 1250
350 1500
500 1750
750 2000
1000 2500
2000 3000