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Character Name

Shows the name you have selected for your in-game character.

Health and Energy

Shows the maximum amount of Health and Energy you have.

Character Stats and Skill Tree

Shows your character's current stats and skill tree, as well as several other information about your character, such as your name, class, level, Legendary rank, experience, faction name and alignment, personal influence, ratings, battles won and a link to your character page. You can also access Legendary Mode from here (only available to level 40 players).

Chat Log

This is where you can chat with other players publicly in the room that you are currently in. Messages appear above your head and can be viewed in the Chat Log when opened.

Chat Log

Clicking this button will open up a chat log at the bottom left corner of the screen. The chat log will store all previous messages up to a certain amount of lines. Hourly leaderboard updates also appear in the chat log. Clicking this button again will hide the chat log.

Fight 1v1 Battle

Clicking this button will queue you to a 1v1 match with a player within 5 levels of your character's current level.

Fight 2v2 Battle

Clicking this button will queue you into a 2v2 match. Your opponents' combined levels will be within 6 levels of your character's current level and your partner's current level combined. You may have a chance of entering a Juggernaut fight if your character is Level 10 to 34.

Fight 1v2 Juggernaut

Clicking this button will queue you into a One on Two match where you fight two players who are 6 to 10 levels below your character's current level. To enter this battle mode you are required to have Gold Skull Card or Silver Skull Card.


Clicking on this button will bring up all the achievements you have earned yet. These are separated into 7 categories. A player can access their achievements as well as can purchase the desired achievement within this page.

Buddy List

Clicking on this button will open up your buddy list at the top left corner of the screen. Your buddy list stores up to 200 friends, depending on how many buddy slots you have purchased. Having a player on your buddy list allows you to locate where they are, jump to them and link them as an ally to defeat 2vs1 Bosses.

Mission Log

Clicking on this button will open up your mission log. This shows information about the current mission chains available and completed. If you are currently on a mission, details about it will be visible, along with the ability to jump to the NPC who assigned the mission and to abort the mission. You may only have one mission in progress at any one time.


Clicking on this button will bring up your inventory. You will see your character's inventory on the right side of the screen. Each character begins with 30 inventory slots, which can be expanded up to 600 slots using Varium. Items can be filtered by type and equipped from here. You are also able to view the amount of currency you have from here.

World Map

Clicking on this button will bring up the world map. You can see where you are on Delta V and you can jump locations by clicking on them, save/clear your starting location, check your current location and world and change worlds. If a world has too many players at one time, you will be unable to join.


Clicking on this button will bring up your faction stats if you are currently in a faction. If your character is not in a faction, you will be brought to the Faction Creator.


Clicking on this button will bring up the EpicDuel Real Estate Manager. Here you can browse and visit your homes, buy new homes or visit someone else's home. You can also manage who has permission to enter your home/s from here.


Clicking on this button will bring up the leaderboards. There are currently 22 leaderboards, which include leaderboards for most battles won, faction related competitions and fame. There are 2 counterparts for a lot of leaderboards, an all-time one and a daily one.

Mail System

If you wish to communicate in private with someone via Mail, you can use the Mail System in-game. You can only send Mail to people on your buddy list or members of your faction. You can also view the latest new about the game from here.

Upgrade Shop

Clicking on this button will give you access to the Upgrade Shop. This shop offers some utility services such as boosts and increasing the amount of inventory and buddy slots you have. You are also able to view the amount of currency you have and purchase more Varium.


Clicking on this button will open up the settings for the game. Here you can select when graphics quality, how smooth/fast the battle animations are and what toggle options you would like to play the game with. Your settings are saved for the next time you log in, but are reset every new release.

Battle Animation can be adjusted by using the slider in the Settings menu. Smoother Animation shows all frames being created while Fast Performance allows the game to run significantly faster by skipping frames.

Home Editor

Clicking the home editor can give you access to several options to customize your home, such as access to the House Item Shop and edit the rooms around your house with unique house items.

Only accessible when you are in a house you own.

Private Messaging

If you wish to communicate in private with someone who is online, you can use the private messaging system. You can only privately message those in your buddy list or other members of your faction. The private message window is only visible between you and the recipient. It can be minimized and moved around to unblock elements on the game screen.

Servers allow you to enter the game. There are currently 2 public servers. The server cap is approximately 800 players.

Server Lock occurs if there are a low amount of players online on the previous server, they will unlock once the previous server has hit a certain amount of player. If you are inside a server and it locks up, you will not be disconnected from it. Epic is the only server that is never locked.

The War Event Bar is only available during big war events. These war bars contain information at a glance regarding the progress that each side has made. More specific details can be brought up if the war bar is clicked. The information shown varies between every war, which can include the progress of the participants (such as alignments) and your personal progress.