Into the Flames

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Into the Flames
Event Mission
Avatar Slayer.png
Location: Slayer (Barrens Outpost)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Dragonoid Spawn 3 times. (Kill the spawns aboard the ship.)
Reward: 2000 Credits
Mission Chain: Dragon's Return Part 2
World Eater's Return > The Apprentice > Captain's Wrath > Unexpected Turn of Events > Better Late Than Never > Sinking the Ship > Ready, Aim, Fire! > Into the Flames > Harnessing the Void > Unlikely Ally > Beginning of the End
Mission Text
Before Completion
Remember the teamwork exercise earlier? I will be joining you on the Ship, and we will both attack the Spawns, albeit in one-on-one combat. First, I will clear the way for you so you can attack the Spawns on the Ship, allowing us to get to Dravax's chamber.
After Completion
I-can't assist you any further; that blasted Spawn got me... If I were to fight alongside you, I would only be a hindrance. It's on you now, soldier. Char is in safe hands, we will defend her whilst you're dealing with him.

There is one person who is willing to help you, thought - Caden. I am unsure of his motive, but if its' kill or be killed, we must accept his help in order to take down Dravax before someone gets killed.

Do NOT fight Dravax without my explicit permission! You will relay me everything Caden wanted you to do, before proceeding!