Junkyard Parts

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Junkyard Parts
Permanent Mission
Avatar Oz.png
Location: Oz (Central Station)
Objective: Defeat 5 Junkers.
Reward: 220 Credits
Mission Chain: Making Money
Bad for Business > Junkyard Parts > Challenging for Me > Flower Power > Gift of Life
Mission Text
Before Completion
I need scrap metal for something secret I'm building. Can you bring me spare parts? Destroy 5 Junkers and report back to me as soon as possible so I can get started.
After Completion
Getting this scrap metal was satifying, but not as satisfying as the knowledge that you trashed those junk heaps. I don't know why I hate 'em -- I just do.

With that said, they are lazy bots and don't mind parting with credits if you'll do their dirty work for them. I'm sure they're dumb enough to give you some more work after you demolished them.