Keepin' It Fresh

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Keepin' It Fresh
Permanent Mission
Avatar Naomi.png
Location: Naomi (Central Station)
Objective: Turn in 1 Research Notes.
Reward: 1000 Credits
Mission Chain: Cleansing Central Station
The Justice Bringer > Spore Hunt > Keepin' It Fresh > Pollen Power > For Fresh Air!
Mission Text
Before Completion
While I cannot help my father just yet, I'm trying to whatever I can to make Delta V a better place to live in. It may be trivial, and not as ambitious, but even a few people can make a difference.

Take Cinderella as an example -- she fought during the war, she has been protecting the Preserve, and has support of the Legion. If she can do all this, I can too! I won't let my father down!

On that note, did you get the Notes from Cinderella? She's been pulling all the stops, just to help me with this -- isn't that noble of her?
After Completion
The results are very interesting, I knew she would be able to do it! Don't go anywhere though - I still need your help!