Krampus Blaster (Mission)

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Krampus Blaster (Mission)
Event Mission
Avatar Deuce.png
Location: Deuce (Wasteland)
Objective: Turn in 4 Krampus' Curse Blaster E
Reward: 5500 Credits
Mission Chain: Krampus Curse Collector
Sword of the Krampus > Krampus Spirit Sword > Claws of the Krampus > Glowing Claws of Evil > Axe the Krampus > Krampus Spirit Axe > Krampus Crackles > Krampus Catalyst > Krampus Caliber > Krampus Blaster (Mission) > Krampus Cannon (Mission) > Krampus Kaboom > Krampus Battle Test
Mission Text
Before Completion
Find 4 copies of the Krampus Curse Blaster E to show that my creations can equally terrorize those who cling to physical armor over energy.
After Completion
Honestly, I’m not sure which gun I'd rather take into battle. They're both so intimidating. I hope the auxiliaries instill the same fear!
  • The items will not be removed from your inventory when you complete this mission.