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Upon reaching level 40, a player becomes a Rank 1 Legendary player and unlocks what is called Legendary Mode. Legendary Mode allows a player to continue gain experience points even after reaching the level cap. Legendary players are easily distinguished by their blue name and circular orb beside their health and energy bar.

The experience that a Legendary player gains will no longer increase their level; instead, it will continue to increase their Legendary Rank (up to Rank 100). Each time a Legendary Rank is gained, the player receives 1 Legendary Point. Legendary Points and stats can viewed by clicking on the "Legendary Mode" button on the character's normal stat page (this cannot be viewed by other players).

Legendary Points are used to further customize and strengthen a character's stats. However, in order to spend these points, a player must first unlock a slot in any of the current 10 Legendary stat categories for every Legendary Point they wish to use. Each slot costs 10,000 Credits or 175 Varium to unlock (Each Legendary player receives one Strength slot for free).

A player can unlock a maximum of 10 slots for each of the stat categories. Currently, there are 10 Legendary stat categories. They include:

Primary Damage: Increases your Primary weapon's damage by 3 per point.
Sidearm Damage: Increases your Gun's damage by 4 per point.
Auxiliary Damage: Increases your Auxiliary's damage by 4 per point.
Defense: Increases your defense by 3 per point.
Resistance: Increases your resistance by 3 per point.
Robot Damage: Increases your Robot's damage by 4 per point.
Medical Mastery: Increase Field Medic healing by 2 per point. Also works with Health Boosters and Packs.
Energy Efficiency: Lower energy cost of cores by 1 per point.
NPC Crusher: Increase damage dealt to NPCs by 2 per point.
NPC Armor: Lower damage taken from NPCs by 2 per point.

Retraining your Legendary stats costs 500 credits.

In 1v1 and 2v2, the following conversion is used between Legendary Ranks and levels, regardless of the number of slots that a Legendary player has unlocked or the number of Legendary Points that are in use:

  • Rank 1-7 Legendary = Effective Level 40
  • Rank 8-19 Legendary = Effective Level 41
  • Rank 20-35 Legendary = Effective Level 42
  • Rank 36-55 Legendary = Effective Level 43
  • Rank 56-79 Legendary = Effective Level 44
  • Rank 80+ Legendary = Effective Level 45

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