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The Exile Resistance and The Legion Army are the 2 alignments in the game. The daily faction war, as well as occasional war events, determine which side will emerge victorious. The storyline is also continuously developed based on the outcomes of these events.



The term "Exile" describes anyone banished during the War when Baelius' "Efficiency Solution" went into effect. Yet, only those who fought for the Uprising wear this badge with pride.

Throughout its history, the human race has proven time and again that it will not suffer an oppressive ruler. Baelius was no exception. The Uprising formed as a direct result of his tightening grip and the cries of "This will not stand!" shook Baelius' citadel walls and echoed through the mines. The Uprising fought tooth and nail against the hardened Legion forces and their endless ranks of automated reinforcements. With Oz, an ex-Shock Trooper as their leader, the Uprising scratched inch by inch to the brink of victory.

Betrayal ended the siege of Baelius' grand Citadel and stole the lives of those closest to Oz. The final nail in the coffin came when the forces colliding in battle were banished to a realm between worlds. One of chaos and without time.

But now the Uprising has returned, proudly waving the Exile banner! For them, the War never ended and new leaders have risen to the challenge of freeing Delta V's people! The challenge now lies in unifying the Exile forces against a common foe.

So, Exile, are you prepared to fight for your freedom?


The Legion are those loyal to Baelius and trust in their benevolent leader to rule Delta V. Before the War, Baelius' brutal methods of maintaining order caused a split amongst his labor-force. Those that dissented joined the Uprising, a rebellious group of brigands and profiteers who sought to form a coup against Baelius. Those who believed the resistance was the cause of Baelius' ruthless punishment formed The Legion. These loyalists were essentially fighting a two-front battle: They had to put down the Uprising where they could with one hand and steel themselves against the brutality of Baelius' totalitarian reprisal with the other.

Some say The Legion's staunch devotion is folly. Others believe The Legion are the hardened defenders of a renewed future of prosperity and peace on Delta V.

For The Legion, the return to Delta V from exile was the beginning of a new era. A new war has begun for them, one which they must not lose if they wish to see order restored to a broken and divided Delta V. The Legion will stand against the chaos-mongers and fight for a final victory on a world they wish to call home once again.

Will you fight for the future of Delta V? Will you fight for Baelius' forgotten army?

NPC Alignments
Name Alignment
Administrator 1 - Alydriah Descarl Unknown
Administrator 7 - Silas Auer Legion
Administrator 9 - Paloma San Marco Legion
Administrator 11 - Drivek Descarl Legion
Administrator 12 - John Williamson III Legion
Aldhagrimm Exile
Alydroid / Alydrone Legion
Anya Exile
Arcade Pod Unknown
Arctic Guard Unknown
Armor Hazard Unknown
ArmoryBot Unknown
Baelius Unknown
Big Tuna / Isla Grier Exile
Bike Vendor Unknown
Bio Guard Unknown
Bio Hazard Unknown
BombBot Unknown
Brachylagus Exile
Brunson Neutral
Caden Neutral
Capensis Exile
Charfade Exile
Cinderella / Ella St. Alban Legion
City Guard Legion
Conductor Neutral
Commander Edgar Boothe Legion
DeltaVault Unknown
Dr. Atropos Melianthus Legion
Electro Hazard Neutral
Oz / Lorenzo Ozimous Exile
Exile Footsoldier Exile
Exile Leader Exile
Exile Soldier Exile
Fenris Exile
Frost Reaper Unknown
Galatea Exile
GameBot Unknown
Gamma Guard Exile
George Lowe Legion
Habuki / Habuki Watanabe Legion
Hank / Harrison Acker Exile
Heavy Bio Guard Unknown
Heavy Guard Unknown
Heavy Mechachillid Unknown
Heavy Mine Guard Unknown
Hovercraft Unknown
Jade Acker Exile
Junker Unknown
Junker 2.0 Unknown
King Alaric Exile
Kraggor Neutral
Krampus Technician Exile
Krampus Trader Unknown
Krampus Warrior Unknown
Legion Footsoldier Legion
Lepus Neutral
Light Desert Guard Unknown
Light Mechachillid Unknown
LoweBot X1 Unknown
LoweBot X2 Unknown
M4tr1x Legion
Maia Unknown
Maintenance Bot Unknown
Marauder Neutral
Marauder Hulk Neutral
Medium Mechachillid Unknown
Merchbot Unknown
Mine Guard Unknown
Mirv Exile
Mort Exile
Mr. Cottontail Exile
Myxoma Exile
Naomi / Naomi Acker Neutral
Navarro Neutral
Negawraith / Lysander Cox Legion
Nightwraith Legion
NoteBot Unknown
Overlord Guard Legion
Raymus / Raymus Alexander Neutral
Sekk Neutral
Selina / Selina St. Alban Exile
Servertron 3000 Exile
Shadow Guard Legion
The Slayer Neutral
Snork Neutral
Talia Neutral
Tamaril Neutral
The Lawman / John St. Alban Exile
Titan Neutral
Ulysses Exile
Valery Legion
Valestra / Valestra Acker nee Hitchens Legion
VendBot Unknown
WorkBot Unknown
Xraal Neutral
Yeti Hulk Unknown
Ylwa Exile
Zedmyr Neutral