Legion Soldier

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Legion Soldier (Level 2)
Level 2
Welcome to Central Station, one of the several key regions of Delta V. I'm defending this entrance in the name of the Legion. We live to serve Baelius and bring order to this world by expelling the vicious Exiles.

You've entered a warzone. Fight hard, practice, explore, make allies, but use caution -- this is a dangerous world!
Who are the Legion?
The Legion believe that obedience and order are the keys to Delta V's salvation. However, this dream cannot be achieved without first destroying the world's greatest threat to peace and stability: The Exiles.
Location: Feldspar Flats
Missions: Legion Soldier (Level 2)'s Missions
  • Can align you with the Legion if you are not currently a part of an alignment.

Legion Soldier (Level 5)
Level 5
War is on the horizon, citizen. The Legion has endured these Exiles for far, far too long. We have nearly recovered our full strength from the Infernal War, but we will need fresh recruits if we want to stop the Exiles this time. Their arrogance and carelessness will be their downfall!

Commander Alydriah has ordered all available forces to converge on the Dread Plains. Don't ask why. You'll find out when you get there.

Are you coming? Do you believe in order, or would you see the world burn in chaos like those Exiles?
Location: Central Station
Shop: Legion Soldier (Level 5)'s Inventory Tag-rare.png
  • You can buy Varium for Artix Points from this NPC.
  • Can change your alignment to Legion.

Legion Soldier (Level 35, Dread Plains)
Level 35
The Exile propaganda would lead you to believe that the Legion is responsible for the Dread Plains. Lies! The Exiles themselves were guilty of sabotaging the mining equipment and refineries that turned this place into a blasted mess! The Exile leaders, Oz and the Lawman, would see the entire world burn to satisfy their blood lust and quest for power.

Baelius and the Legion built cities, distributed food, and provided employment for millions of colonists. Only the Legion can save this world from falling completely into darkness!

If you decide to join, these Legion Battlegear weapons will allow you to summon a Legion soldier in battle. Let’s show these rebels that we stand united and strong! For the Legion! For Order!
Location: Dread Plains
Shop: Legion Soldier (Level 35, Dread Plains)'s Inventory
  • Can change your alignment to Legion for 1250 Varium.

This NPC was introduced during a special in-game event or offer and may no longer be available.

Legion Soldier (Level 27)
Level 27
Legion Footsoldier27.png
This wretched den of traitors has evaded the grasp of the Legion for far too long. Those who recognize Baelius' glorious authority may be issued a vendor's license after paying a modest fee. Those who refuse...well, the plentiful chasms of irradiated metal and jagged rocks will make their punishment swift and cost-effective!
Location: Barrens Outpost
  • Can change your alignment to Legion for 1250 Varium.
  • Can tell you how much time is left in the daily competitions.

This NPC was introduced during a special in-game event or offer and may no longer be available.

Legion Soldier (Level 35, Infernal Mines)
Level 35
I don’t ever want to think about what was in that Vault, buddy. How many of those things did we kill? And they’re men, just like us, aren’t they? Man, the guy who built it was INSANE. And to top it off, he and the Lawman won!

I never thought the Exiles were all that much of a threat, but now... well. I’m not so sure anymore.
Location: Infernal Mines
  • Could show you the war plan.
  • Could ally you with the Legion.