Mind of Steel

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Mind of Steel
Event Mission
Avatar GodofWar.png
Location: God of War (Wasteland)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Legendary God of War 1 time.
Reward: Deimos
Mission Chain: The Hundred-Year Curse Epilogue
Agent of Chaos > Trouble at Sea > Mandate of Heaven > A Shadow on the Horizon > Mind of Steel
Mission Text
Before Completion
A nudge here, a poke there. A whisper in a willing ear. Slowly but surely, I have advanced my objectives - to spread conflict on Delta V, and to find a suitable vessel. Surprised at the latter goal? Well, you shouldn't be. Did you perhaps forget that I grow stronger with conflict? You yourself have empowered me by engaging in battle with Delta V's strongest mortals, to the point where I am again capable of possession. My target, of course, is you. Fight me in a contest of wills - can you best me in a legendary battle?
After Completion
Impressive...truly impressive. To think that a mortal could overwhelm the likes of I, even if it was simply in a test of mental fortitude. You have succeeded in reversing my gains - it will now be difficult for me to possess even the weakest of creatures. For a nameless human to best the God of War and the strongest mortals on the planet...I wonder who you truly are. Though your memories were scattered by the Banishment, they may return some day, and your true identity may yet bring renewed upheaval to Delta V.