Molten Bullet

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Molten Bullet

Active Core

Embed a super-heated bullet into target. Use sidearm to detonate, adding 15% damage per turn the target was hit.
Skill Core Details
Effect: On initial attack, a bullet embeds in the target. By using a normal sidearm attack you detonate it (however, the damage is based on primary). Each turn you wait increases the damage of detonation by 15% (maximum 75% extra damage).
Cooldown: 5 Turns
Duration: 5 Turns
Item: Sidearm Weapons
Infernal Blaster E
Infernal Blaster P
Energy: 0 Energy
Location: Kraggor (Wasteland)
Varium Price: Variumicon.png 595
Varium Sellback: Variumicon.png 208