Bounty Hunter

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Class-icon-bounty-hunter.png Base Stats

Health: 550
Energy: 550

Strength: 20
Dexterity: 23
Technology: 19
Support: 18

Default Weapon: Light Blades
Class Specific Weapon: Wrist Blades

BountyHunterM.png BountyHunterF.png

Bounty Hunters have fast, focused attacks that, when used together, will make for a dizzying blur of deadly strikes, leaving an enemy dazed and unsure of what hit them.

They also use dangerous side effects and passive attacks, such as Stun Grenade and Poison, but their main strength lies in their speed and skill with arms.


Some of the finest and most adept soldiers on Delta V found themselves under the employment of Baelius' military during the years when the collection of Varium was in full swing. After all, order must be kept and indigenous life must be held in check when a company's labor force is off mining in the wilds of an alien planet.

The Special Police, who eventually became the Shadow Guard and Baelius' Shock Battalion during the War, consisted of some very skilled and disciplined men and women who clearly had an aptitude for combat and field command. As time marched onward through the bloody fields of war, these soldiers and police saw a change in their role and a fork in their road.

The War was demanding in so many ways, and the Shadow Guard and Shock Battalion found themselves having to make a fateful decision for whom they stood and fought. It was nearly a clear-cut slash down the center of the two organization, though there were some outliers who found themselves switching horses mid-stream. The Shadow Guard, for the most part, chose to fight for The Legion and Baelius. The Shock Battalion, on the other hand, tended almost entirely toward The Uprising.

When these two factions pitted themselves against each other they found themselves locked in bitter warfare, hatred coloring their every meeting in battle.

Of course, like every combatant who rose to the occasion on Delta V, these soldiers were banished. When they returned, some took up their charge once again as Shadow Guardsmen and women. Most others selected a lifestyle more appropriate to the dystopia to which they had returned. Their new chosen profession: bounty hunting. Their affiliation: whoever is footing the bill.

Some Bounty Hunters have become skilled assassins. Others pirates. Even more have simply opened their minds to the idea that they will have to fight for the right to live freely on Delta V. Whether Exile or Legion, the Bounty Hunters are worthy adversaries with shattered pasts who either look to a brighter future or revel in the dark and violent present.


Story written by BigTuna

Skill Tree

Field Medic
Cheap Shot
Energy Shield
Smoke Screen
Blood Lust
Static Grenade
Reflex Boost
Stun Grenade
Shadow Arts
Venom Strike

Removed Skills

MarkOfBlood.png Mark of Blood
ShadowArts2.png Shadow Arts (Active)
Starting Classes Tech Mage - Bounty Hunter - Mercenary
Evolved Classes Blood Mage - Cyber Hunter - Tactical Mercenary