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Npc naomi.png
Before instant transport through teleportation became commonplace, this was a bustling train station. Most of the the trains are silent now, but some of the freight lines are still operational.

Central Station sunsets are still so beautiful even after the devastation of war. No matter how dark the night becomes, the sun always rises again.

Delta V has been a dark place since before I was born, but I know with your help we can rebuild this world!
Location: Central Station
Shop: Naomi's Inventory Tag-rare.png
Missions: Naomi's Missions
Stats & Skills
900 Health
1000 Energy
Primary: Energy Damage (Celtic Cleaver)
Sidearm: Energy Damage (Basic Energy Blaster)

Berzerker.png BloodLust.png BunkerBuster.png DoubleStrike.png FieldMedic.png Reroute.png StunGrenade.png

Awards Naomi's Keepsake achievement if defeated.
  • Can appraise your Rarity Score for 500 Credits.