Night's Big Bounties (Mission Chain)

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Seasonal Rare
This mission chain was introduced during a special in-game event or offer and will return if said event occurs again.

Night's Big Bounties (Mission Chain)
Mission Name Starts From Objective Reward
Solo Trial 1 Nightwraith (Wasteland) PvP - 1vs1 2500 Credits
Solo Trial 2 Nightwraith (Wasteland) PvP - 1vs1 5000 Credits
Solo Trial 3 Nightwraith (Wasteland) PvP - 1vs1 Skill Retrain Coupon
5000 Credits
Duo Trial 1 Nightwraith (Wasteland) PvP - 2vs2 7500 Credits
Duo Trial 2 Nightwraith (Wasteland) PvP - 2vs2 10000 Credits
Duo Trial 3 Nightwraith (Wasteland) PvP - 2vs2 Gear Retrain Coupon
10000 Credits
Duelist Trail 1 Nightwraith (Wasteland) PvP - Any 15000 Credits
Duelist Trail 2 Nightwraith (Wasteland) PvP - Any 20000 Credits
Duelist Trail 3 Nightwraith (Wasteland) PvP - Any Class Change Coupon
20000 Credits
Duelist Trail 4 Nightwraith (Wasteland) PvP - Any Night's Big Bounties
25000 Credits
500 Experience