Omega Wolf Key (Mission)

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Omega Wolf Key (Mission)
Event Mission
Avatar Endless M4tr1x.png
Location: Endless M4tr1x (Frysteland)
Objective: Turn in 10 Omega Wolf Shards.
Reward: Omega Wolf Key
Mission Text
Before Completion
The items I have created can only be accessed with Omega Wolf Shards. Harnessing cosmic energy is very taxing on my energy reserves, but I cannot acquire more power sources on my own. These shards can help replenish my energy and sustain this form, but they only materialize during the great Gifting Event.

If you can provide me with 10 Omega Wolf Shards, then I can grant you access to my items.
After Completion
Transaction confirmed. I will forge these shards into a key that will allow you continued access to my inventory.