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Promotional packages are bonuses like gear, achievements, and extra currency that are available for a limited time with the purchase of Varium or through special offers such as HeroMart merchandise. Promotional package gear are typically associated with a seasonal event and usually come equipped with new, thematic skill cores.

Starting on April 27, 2012, the promotional package purchase system was converted to a Key system. Up to 5 Keys were offered with the Varium packages depending on the size of the package. These Keys could be used to purchase additional promotional packages, with the top packages costing 5 Keys each. The Key system was removed at the start of Omega on February 5, 2013.

Starting with the February 15, 2013 Azrael's Gear package, gear from Varium promotional packages are only offered with the 10k Varium package unless otherwise specified on this page, whereas bonus Varium is usually available with both the 10k and the 12k Varium package. In addition, promotional package gear are no longer also available to purchase from in-game merchants upon their introduction to the game. However, items that are tagged as Seasonal become available for in-game purchase the next time that seasonal event returns, and will continue to return each season thereafter. Any skill cores associated with the gear also become available for in-game purchase during this time, seperately, usually for Varium only and in limited quantities. Almost all Varium promotional package gear since Azrael's Gear have been Seasonal.

Current Varium Promotional Packages

Current Special Promotional Packages

These special packages are currently available to be redeemed.

Past Varium Promotional Packages

These packages are past varium promotions and may or may not be available again.

Past Special Promotional Packages

These packages are past special promotions and may or may not be available again.