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Permanent Mission
Avatar Naomi.png
Location: Naomi (Central Station)
Objective: Turn in 5 Pure Waters.
Reward: 850 Credits
Mission Chain: Running Errands
Fire Night > Purify > Rusted Joints > Boost Juice > Rigor Mortis
Mission Text
Before Completion
If this desolate train station has any hope of fostering life again, I'll need plenty of water. Not the contaminated stuff that runs through the old pipes, but fresh, pure water. Check the Biological Preserve.
Bring me 5 canisters of Pure Water so we can make this planet green again!
After Completion
So clean and fresh! I'm so happy that there is one part of Delta V not totally corrupted by pollution. I don't have any other tasks for the moment. Perhaps the Junker 2.0 has one? I hear the Junkers of the Wasteland Mines are even higher maintenance than those in Central Station!