Rabbit on Record

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Rabbit on Record
Event Mission
Avatar Ulysses.png
Location: Ulysses (Wasteland)
Objective: Turn in 1 Flash Drive.
Reward: Recording Device
Mission Chain: Rabbits Return Part 2
Rocket Recovery > Grid Grind > Shrimp Shakedown > Flash Files > Rabbit on Record > Team Guard Duty > Rocket Grease > Nerves of Floof > Farewell Flower > Parting Ways
Mission Text
Before Completion
With all of this information on the turret systems, I should be able to talk Myxoma through disabling the turrets. Just hand over the Flash Drive, and I'll get you some audio notes.
After Completion
I can't promise that everything will go as planned, but these notes are the best help I can offer to Myxoma. The turret systems are very old and damaged, and thus their behavior can be erratic. Be careful, friend, and wish the Lagomorphs luck. If they can escape this time, maybe there is hope others. Delta V need not be a tomb for us all.