Rage and Grace

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Rage and Grace
Event Mission
Avatar Talia.png
Location: Talia (Fortune City)
Objective: Challenge and defeat 3 players.
Reward: 500 Credits
Mission Chain: Mages Only
Mindful Mage > Boom! > Rage and Grace > Science and Magic > Imagination
Class: Mage
Mission Text
Before Completion
I really don't understand citizens these days. You people use clubs, claws and staves with wild abandon. A true mage spends years learning the craft. These amateurs think they know the true power of a Mage? Ha! Show them who the true Mage is -- challenge 3 other citizens and defeat them. Show them what a Mage is made of!
After Completion
Great job! You might have the makings of a decent Mage after all. Maybe. Our Master Titan may have an assignment for the true Mage.