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This is the release log for EpicDuel Alpha (2009)

May 8th

  • Stability Update:
    • We've released an update designed to improve the mechanics of how graphics are loaded. Additionally, we're trying some new things to improve the stability of the server ... we appreciate your patience as we resolve these critical issues.
    • While this update includes mainly fixes and improvements to existing features, a few minor changes were implemented:
      • Players from the same IP address are no longer auto-matched in battles
      • The penalty duration for running from battle has increased significantly

April 28th

  • Alpha Version 1.2.4!:
    • Version 1.2.4 has been released, this update is mainly a server stability pack created to fix several bugs and improve performance.
    • The stability pack includes the following fixes:
      • General server stability improvements
      • Fixed Health and Energy booster bug
      • Fixed bug where front wrist claw or sidearm won't show activation animation
      • Eliminates battle hangs in certain challenge scenarios
      • Improved 2vs2 battle rewards
      • Stunned players can now chat into the chat log
      • Language filter fixes
      • Buddy list fixes (sorry, looks like buddy lists were reset by accident)
    • Version 1.2.4 also introduces some balance changes and skill changes
      • Some debuffs are now applied as part of a strike (Smoke Screen, Malfunction, Intimidate)
      • Some buffs received major improvements (Reflex Boost, Technician, Field Commander)
      • Cheap Shot now requires less energy
      • Field Medic is slightly less effective
      • AOEs are now slightly more effective

April 22nd

  • Alpha Version 1.2.3!:
    • We've released EpicDuel, Alpha Version 1.2.3 on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 at 4:00am EDT. This update includes:
      • Improved battle matching engine (priority will be placed on nearly matched battles)
      • 2vs2 battle notifications
      • Expanded central station map
      • New NPCs
      • Interface improvements
      • Sidearm buffs (Guns now can affect your character similar to armor)
      • Further balance / skill changes (Massacre adjusted, Cheap Shot added, other minor adjustments)
      • Fixed "stun" display bug

April 16th

  • Alpha Version 1.2.2!:
    • We've released Version 1.2.2. This update includes the following changes:
      • The Lawman's suite is now open to players Level 15 and up.
      • Auto healing after battle (no more clicking on NPCs to heal)
      • 5 New Guns
      • 2vs2 leaderboard
      • Earn small amount of credits when losing battle
      • Skill Cool Downs / Warm Ups can now be different values
      • Health Boosters / Energy Boosters (+25 Health / + 25 Energy)
      • Updated Stats Interface
      • Bug fixes
      • Balance changes

April 10th

  • Alpha Version 1.2.1!:
    • We intend to release the next update early on Friday morning, April 10, 2009.
      • This patch will contain some cool new improvements:
      • Armor upgrades (they're nearly here)!
      • Run limit (3 runs per 15 minutes)
      • Improved buddy list and PMing
      • New Mercenary skills
      • Bug fixes
      • Minor balance changes
      • First strike bug fix

April 2nd

  • Version 1.2.0:
    • On Tuesday morning we intend to release a patch with the following fixes and updates:
      • Abuse reporting feature
      • Fixed bug leading to losses and free XP when canceling battles
      • Balance changes (SuperCharge now draws from a "% conversion range" rather than a fixed percent)
      • Buddy list sorted by online / offline
      • Fixed strength buff causing primary and sidearm damage range to appear overstated
      • Added a few more weapons

March 23rd

  • Epic Patch!:
    • We have released an update that includes the following changes:
      • Basic buddy List
      • 3 new Lvl 10 skills, Deadly Aim, Atom Smasher, and Venom Strike
      • 16 new weapons
      • Minor interface changes
      • Slightly less strict matching requirements
      • Balance changes (Medic effectiveness improves slightly, but cool down increases)

March 17th

  • Epic Patch!:
    • We have released an update including the following changes:
      • Raising the level cap to 25
      • Added ability to equip secondary sidearm weapon*
      • Minor interface changes
      • Players may now only equip 2 health / energy packs per battle
      • Added several new sidearm weapons
      • Fixed numerous bugs within the selected character's vitals panel
      • Fixed the zero health bug in battle
      • Balance changes (slight strength nerf, skill cost adjustments)
        • We've added an exciting new sidearm feature that we hope will resolve some recurring problems and add another dimension to our battle engine! Players can now equip an unblockable "Sidearm" as their secondary weapon. After the update, guns may no longer be equipped as the primary weapon in battle. The addition of a secondary weapon will allow players to inflict both damage types (Physical and Energy) if they wish. To equip a sidearm, purchase one from a merchant, go to your inventory screen and equip it to the "Sidearm" field. To use a sidearm in battle, you'll notice a new "Fire Sidearm" button in the battle interface. Click the button to attack an enemy using the gun. The stats menu has been updated to reflect your sidearm damage range

March 12th

  • Epic Patch!:
    • We just released an update that includes the following changes:
      • Added Support-based Critical Strike chance*
      • Added a few new weapons
      • Fixed unequip bug when retraining your character
      • Fixed experience earning formula bug
      • Balance Changes
      • Removed "Select Target" interface when only one target remains in 2vs2 battles
      • Fixed character slide bug in the inventory menu
      • Added a toggle chat log to the battle engine
      • Knocked-out players can now chat in battle (messages will appear in the chat log)

March 7th

  • Epic Patch!:
    • The new patch will feature the following improvements (tentative list):
      • 30 new weapons for all levels.
      • Fixed 2v2 battle hang
      • "Dead chat" when your character is dead or stunned
      • Refined cheat prevention
      • Improved chat exclusion list
      • And most importantly, the ability to respec your characters! Yay! For a fee characters can talk with the gruff gentleman in Valestras to retrain their skill and attribute points!

March 5th

  • Epic Patch!:
    • Updated on March 5, 4:00am EST:
      • Fixed battle matching bug
      • Automatic-ban features to identify and stop cheaters
      • Players must apply level ups before searching for battle
      • New challenge level range limit (5 level max)
      • Fixed knocked-out ally chat bug
      • Fixed battle-hang bug
      • Eliminated interactivity bug when starting some battles

March 4th

  • Epic Patch!:
    • This update included the following fixes:
      • Fixed negative currency bug from losing battle and purchasing items
      • Corrected * (asterisk) password login problem
      • Updated instance limit to 100 users
      • Added preliminary detection for bogus character stats