Research Resume

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Research Resume
Event Mission
Avatar Ulysses.png
Location: Ulysses (Wasteland)
Objective: Win 10 random solo (1vs1), team (2vs2) or juggernaut (2vs1) battles.
Reward: Engineer's Charm
Mission Chain: Rabbits Return Part 1
Bunny Bribe > Rabbit Rocket Science > Artificial Sweetener > Research Resume > Natural Fruit Flavor > Nice Shiny Coat > Bunny Brawl > Prince Charming > Lucky Lagomorphs
Mission Text
Before Completion
The Lagomorphs have figured out how to get off this planet, and they want my help in taking down the planetary defenses just long enough for them to leave? Well, I have been meaning to see what Mort and Charfade did to those turret controls. However, I need a workplace free of distractions to concentrate.

Could you go out and clear the area of interlopers by winning 10 PvP matches. With a quiet space to work, I can get started on my research.
After Completion
Thank you for your assistance. I will tell Cottontail when I am ready to help him. Take this as a show of good faith. For this emotional problem you told me about, I would talk to Naomi as she seems well versed in coping with internal struggles. Between my bruised psyche, disfigured body, and cyborg wife, I don't think I'm qualified to help one find stability.