Rocket Grease

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Rocket Grease
Event Mission
Avatar MrCottontail.png
Location: Mr. Cottontail (Biological Preserve)
Objective: Turn in 1 Premium Oil.
Reward: 350 Credits
Mission Chain: Rabbits Return Part 2
Rocket Recovery > Grid Grind > Shrimp Shakedown > Flash Files > Rabbit on Record > Team Guard Duty > Rocket Grease > Nerves of Floof > Farewell Flower > Parting Ways
Mission Text
Before Completion
All the minor tweaks are going great, but just for safety I would like some Premium Oil to make sure things are running smoothly. The Junker in Central Station is always hoarding some extra oil. Knock around that old tin can to get a hold of some. It’s obviously not doing him any favors!
After Completion
Yes! Now everything is running perfectly smoothly. Now let's get Myxoma into position, and we will be ready to launch!