Rusted Joints

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Rusted Joints
Permanent Mission
Avatar Junker 2.0.png
Location: Junker 2.0 (Wasteland)
Objective: Turn in 5 Oil Cans.
Reward: 750 Credits
Mission Chain: Running Errands
Fire Night > Purify > Rusted Joints > Boost Juice > Rigor Mortis
Mission Text
Before Completion
Oil can. Oil can. I require lubricants to mend my deteriorating joints. My data indicates that low-grade oil can be purchased from the Wastelands. Bring me 5 Oil Cans and I shall reward you with...transistors? No. What do humans like? Nutrient paste?
After Completion
*creeeeeaaaaak* Much better! My joints are operating at 87 percent efficiency!

This is all I require. I do not have nutrients for you. Perhaps Valestra in Fortune City will have something to nourish your soft, fleshy body.