Saccharine Sentiments

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Saccharine Sentiments
Permanent Mission
Avatar Valery.png
Location: Valery (Fortune City)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Talia 5 times.
Reward: 250 Credits
Mission Chain: Vendettas
Female Troubles > Saccharine Sentiments‎ > Head-Bashing Opportunity > Incidental Reports > Random Spoils
Level: 16
Mission Text
Before Completion
Mirv said he was like a father to me? More like a creepy uncle who hit on my friends in high school. But he’s right that I've got a job for you- I've got an issue with the tech mage who runs the Science Center. See, she took one of my personal possessions- a large ruby that was part of my mother's engagement ring- and then had the audacity to have a bunch of citizens come rough me up before just giving it away! I really cannot stand her. Why don't you give her a taste of her own medicine? Get 5 wins off of Talia, and I'll be glad to part with some of my profits.
After Completion
That's Talia for you- sickeningly sweet, but it's all fake. I'm sure she'll want to go hang out like we're BFF's tomorrow night. Thanks for the help. Know what, my man’s a member of the Shadow Guard and he and his partner like to hang out in Valestra's lounge. Why don’t you see if he’s got any business that needs tended to?