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Seasonal Rare Estimated Return Dates
Seasonal Rare items, achievements, and missions usually return around the same time every year, based on the seasonal event that they were associated with. The return dates of Seasonal Rare content can be predicted by past years' return dates, although there is no guarantee that they will return on the same date next year. Seasonal Rares usually stay in the game for about a month after returning.
* (Asterisk) signifies that this date was the release date of the set, not the return date.
Event Items and Locations 2019 2020 2021 Estimated Date
New Year's Apocalypse and World swords (The Endless)
New Year's weapons (Torgan)
January 1 January 1 January 1 January 1
Australia Day Australia Day gear (Nightwraith) / January 27* January 25 End of January
Australia Day Achievement / January 27* January 23 End of January
The Super Bowl The Big Game achievement January 25 January 31 January 29 End of January
Valentine's Day Azrael's Gear Promotional, Azrael's Evolution Promotional, Heartbreaker, and Regal Heart gear (Alydroid)
Heartbeat, Metallic Heart, and Valentine's weapons (Administrator 12)
Radiant Heartbreaker gear (Bido)
January 30 January 25 January 25 End of January
Dage's Birthday/Friday the 13th Dage Collector gear and Dage Collector achievement (Dage the Evil)
Nightmare Dage the Evil battle drops and Nightmare Dage's Helm boss achievement
Dage's Friday The 13th achievement
March 1 February 28 March 26 March
OR Friday the 13th
EpicDuel's Anniversary Ultra-Rare anniversary achievement March 1 February 28 February 26 End of February
St. Patrick's Day Celtic Hunter Promotional (Charfade), Celtic, Chance, and Lucky weapons (Naomi)
Highlander gear (Deuce)
March 1 March 1 March 1 March 1
Spring Botanical Battlegear Promotional, Arborgeddon Promotional, and Arboreal gear (Xraal)
Toxic Xeno gear (Bio Guard)
Radiant Spring gear (Bido)
March 1 March 1 March 1 March 1
Easter Bunny and Egg gear (Cinderella)
Aqua/Crimson Egg, Easter, and Skeletal Bunny gear (Brachylagus)
March 1 March 1 March 1 March 1
April Fool's Day April Fool's Day themed gear (Titan) April 1 April 1 April 1 April 1
Earth Day Earthen and World weapons (Xraal) April April Early April Early April
Memorial Day Dread Domination Promotional and Legion/Exile Battlegear Promotional gear (Administrator 12 and Exile Leader)
Lionhart Promotional gear (Immanence)
April 29 May 2 April 30 Early May
Heroic Memorial achievement May 21 May 21 May 21 May 21
Summer Pyro Fly, Infernal Golem, Infernal Gladiator Promotional gear, and Infernal Fantasy Promotional gear (Kraggor) May 1 May 2 May 1 May 1
The World Cup Gilded Football weapons (Overlord Guard's Inventory) June June June 1 June 1
(Women's) World Cup achievement / July 8 N/A July
Summer Vacation Summer Vacation gear (Big Tuna) / June 26* June 11 Early July
Cyber Shark Robots (Ishmael) September 27* July 17 June 11 Early July
Independence & Canada Day Independence Day & Canada Day themed gear (Overlord Guard)
Independance Day achievement
July 1 July 3 July 1 Early July
Bido's Birthday Bido's Sacred, Alchemical, Soulcursed, and Toxic Rune gear (Bido) / July 3 July 1 Early July
Titan's Birthday Titan gear (Titan) July 24 July 24 July 24
Birth of Titan achievement July July 15 July 15 July 15
Dragon Con Dragon/Draconic (Slayer) and Dragon Master achievement
Charbinger, Dragonslayer, Drekonic, Gold Dragon, Regal Dragon, Dragonoid, and Dravaxian gear (Slayer)
August 14 August 14 August 14
Back to School Back to School gear (Slayer) August 14 August 14 August 14
Talk Like a Pirate Day Pirate themed gear (Big Tuna, Esprit d'Cour, Ishmael, and Thalyssa)
Kartherax Promotional and Buccaneer Promotional gear (Thalyssa)
Talk Like a Pirate achievement
September 2 September 1 Early September
BioBeasts BioBeasts Promotional gear September 18 September 18 September 18
Halloween Halloween themed gear (Snork and Xraal)
Ghoulish Gear Promotional gear (Snork)
Pumpkin gear (Deuce)
Harrowing Harvest gear (Bido)
HalloWarrior achievement
October 4 October 1 Early October
The World Series Big Show achievement October 26 October 16 End of October
Thanksgiving Thanksgiving themed gear (Rabblefroth)
Turkey Terminator achievement
November 1 October 1 November 1
Nightwraith's Birthday Wraith gear (ArmoryBot)
Party Business Mission Chain (Bacon Cupcake achievement)
A Bold Bounty Mission Chain (Nightwraith's Armor and Nightwraith Annihilator achievement)
November 1 November 1 November 1 November 1
Winter & Christmas Baby Yeti & Dark Yeti Robots (Hulnas the Tamer and Arctic Trainer)
Frost, Krampus, Blood Hawk Promotional, and Winter gear (Edgar Boothe)
Frozen Fury Promotional, Wolf's Fury Promotional, and Frozen Destruction Promotional gear (Torgan)
Harnessed Yeti, Arctic Soldier, Frostbite, Winter War, Theon's Gifted, Kezeroth, Cookie, and Festive gear (Edgar Boothe and Torgan)
Candy Cane, Divinity, and Wolf gear (Endless M4tr1x)
Ice Bear gear (Krampus Trader)
Festive Coal gear (Edgar Boothe) and Festive Coal Collector achievement
Frost Warrior achievement
November 22 November 20 November 9 Late November
Gifting Gifting associated rares and achievements December 3 December 4 December 3 First week of December
All Seasonal Rares December 13* December 11 December 3 December
Friday the 13th Dark Omen, Unlucky, Screaming, and Death weapons (Caden)
Friday the 13th themed swords (Snork)
Friday the 13th achievement
/ / / Friday the 13th