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Seasonal Events are recurring events, usually lasting about a month or two, associated with real-life seasonal occasions such as holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and sporting events. New content (i.e. items, achievements, and missions, etc.) is typically released on a year to year basis or whenever the occasion re-occurs, though some events have only ever had new content added a few times.

After initial release, items and achievements designated as "Seasonal-Rare" can be expected to return in subsequent years, although there have been Seasonal-Rare items that do not return as well as Seasonal-Rare items that are permanently available such as Arcade prizes. Since 2017, the return of Seasonal content has been automated. Since 2018, there has been a tradition of all Seasonal content returning around December. However, do note that Limited-Rare Seasonals are only restocked once per year upon their actual designated return.

In 2021, all Seasonal-Rare cores available in shops were made permanently available, but often the only way to obtain these cores without Varium is to purchase Seasonal items with them pre-installed. These cores are noted on the info-pages below.

You may view the old Seasonal Event page here: Archive:Seasonal Events.

List of All Seasonal Events