Shell Game

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Shell Game
Event Mission
Avatar Overlord Guard.png
Location: Overlord Guard (Overlord Facility)
Objective: Turn in 1 Artillery Shell.
Reward: Enhanced Artillery Shell
Mission Chain: Lionhart Alliance Part 2
Strategery > First Wave > Ammunation > Shell Game > Maximum Artillery > Target Lock > Slight Delay > Suppression Field > Junk Data > Family Business
Mission Text
Before Completion
Hey there, friend! Things are bad here. REALLY bad! We need some heavy firepower to disrupt Lionhart's Invasion! I'm talking HEAVY artillery. The stuff we have here has already been seized by Lionhart's goons. I'm not sure where you can get...OH YEAH! I just remembered - weeks ago an ammunition convoy from the Bazaar was intercepted by Marauders. I'll bet if you beat down that Marauder Hulk, you could find something to help us out!
After Completion
He still had the shell? Hmmm. I guess he really likes things that go BOOM! I've made some modifications to the Artillery Shell based on some experiments I've been doing in my spare time. Being the only guard here gives me LOTS of time to think. Take the Enhanced Artillery shell to Mirv in the Barrens Outpost to see if he can mass produce it.