Slash Commands

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The list of slash commands, typing them allows you to perform an action in-game:

/afk (marks you as Away From Keyboard)

Can only be used with:
Flight Module


Can only be used with:
Monkakazi Morph
Jack O Bomb Mutation
Tyrant Tank Mk1


Can only be used with:
Blue Cryo Craft
Red Cryo Craft
Tyrant Tank Mk1
Eggscape Pod
Pyro Fly Mutation
Pyro Fly Mutation CC
Assault Buggy
Gold Little Gear

/dnd (Command activates Do Not Disturb mode that blocks PMs, jumps, ally links, and sonar. Still shows green “online” light on buddy list so not completely invisible. Type it again to turn this mode off.)
/open100gifts (Open 100 or less gifts currently in your mail.)
/spinfast (Command to spin arcade faster.)
/buygift325varium (Command to send gifts to all players within the room. A confirmation screen will not be issued!)