Slicing and Dicing

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Slicing and Dicing
Permanent Mission
Avatar Hank.png
Location: Hank (Fortune City)
Objective: Win 10 random solo (1v1) battles.
Reward: 400 Credits
Mission Chain: Messy Business
Unsatisfactory > Point A to Point B > Stick It to the Man > Slicing and Dicing > Business Partners
Level: 10
Mission Text
Before Completion
I've fought my share of battles both in the kitchen and on the battlefield. You'd be surprised how similar they can be. Do me a favor and get some practice in -- win 10 random solo battles and report back to me for a nice little reward.
After Completion
Nice job. Say, I have a second location up in the 4th district. Could always use another prep chef on the payroll. Go see my front of the house manager Anya for further instruction.