Smoking Segments

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Smoking Segments
Event Mission
Avatar Habuki.png
Location: Habuki (Fortune City)
Objective: Turn in 1 Gamma Part A, 1 Gamma Part B, 1 Gamma Part C, and 1 Gamma Part D.
Reward: Shadow Key
Mission Chain: Elite Ninja Training
Smoking Smith > Smoking Soul > Smoking Sorcerer > Smoking Survivor > Smoking Synergy > Smoking Segments
Mission Text
Before Completion
Some problems cannot be solved with combat. A keen eye and acute senses are sometimes required to cut through the haze of life and find real truth. The prize at the end of your journey awaits, but, much like your journey as a warrior, is incomplete. Seek the missing pieces of the Smoking Shadow bot scattered across the world and return them to my care. My companion VendBot will be able to assemble them into a prize worthy of your skills.
After Completion
You are now worthy! Take this Shadow Key, and use it to unlock my personal VendBot to access my treasure.