Soldiers of Fortune

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Soldiers of Fortune
Permanent Mission
Avatar Navarro.png
Location: Navarro (Biological Preserve)
Objective: Turn in 1 Gnarled Club.
Reward: Mercenary Token
Mission Chain: Mercenaries Only
Missionary Mercs > Pest Control > Brawling for Bux > Green Goddess Vinaigrette > Soldiers of Fortune
Class: Mercenary
Mission Text
Before Completion
Congratulations, Mercenary. You have completed all of the tasks I require of you at this time. For your final assignment, bring me one of the weapons of your class: a Gnarled Club. When you have done this for me, I will give you information about your class, and a token to represent your mastery of your class.
After Completion
It takes a human with a strong arm and even stronger will to wield this heavy club. Your people are the workers, men of mines and mountains. Your hands are best suited to building, assembling, and manufacture. This is an honorable life of honest labor. It is through hardship you have become warriors, soldiers of fortune.