Sparring Lesson

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Sparring Lesson
Permanent Mission
Avatar Habuki.png
Location: Habuki (Fortune City)
Objective: Challenge and defeat 3 players.
Reward: 500 Credits
Mission Chain: Drill Day
Sparring Lesson > Back to Basics > Sparring Partner > Practice Makes Perfect (Habuki) > Final Exam
Mission Text
Before Completion
You think you've fought enough battles to call yourself a master, eh? I've seen you dueling, and you've gotten sloppy! Complacency is the enemy of perfection! It is time for you to get back to the basics of fighting and clean up your style. Go out and do three rounds of sparring (challenge duels) with a friend for a warm-up, then your training can truly begin.
After Completion
Good! Now that you have warmed up, it is time to get to work.