Sparring Partner

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Sparring Partner
Permanent Mission
Avatar Habuki.png
Location: Habuki (Fortune City)
Objective: Win 7 random team (2vs2) battles.
Reward: Arcade Token
Mission Chain: Drill Day
Sparring Lesson > Back to Basics > Sparring Partner > Practice Makes Perfect (Habuki) > Final Exam
Mission Text
Before Completion
Sometimes a challenge is too much for one warrior to conquer alone. Working with an ally is a crucial skill on the path to mastery. Teamwork is a vital skill for success in battle. Go forth and win 7 2v2 battles to prove you have the ability to work with others to achieve victory!
After Completion
Well done! You've shown aptitude in individual and team combat, but you are still FAR from mastery! Take a break in the Arcade and see me when you are ready for your next task!