Super Spy

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Super Spy
Event Mission
Avatar Captain Murdoc.png
Location: Captain Murdoc (Frysteland)
Objective: Turn in 1 Classified Documents.
Reward: Earth Shard
Mission Chain: Frozen Fury Part 1 (Legion)
Change in Command > Ice Race > Spies Abound > Can't Tame the Reaper > Unusual Glyphs > Super Spy > Powerful Dirt > Where's the Beef? > Enemy Spirits > Twisted Love
Alignment: Legion
Mission Text
Before Completion
If Ulysses believes these are the elements necessary to control some type of immortal Krampus super-man, there is no doubt in my mind that the enemy is working on the same thing. Go snoop around the Exile's camp and see of you can find out what they know.
After Completion
Excellent work. It looks like the Exiles are seeking the same end. Ulysses was right, these crystals can summon a spiritual power greater than any army, Legion or Exile.

You must report back to Alydriah immediately with this news!