Supply Lines Restored

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Supply Lines Restored
Event Mission
Avatar Brachylagus.png
Location: Brachylagus (Biological Preserve)
Objective: Turn in 5 Health Sludges and 5 Pure Waters.
Reward: 3500 Credits
Mission Chain: Oops All Lepus
Bio Basher > Electric Exorcism > Supply Lines Restored > Nuclear Data > Omega Data > Bundorable Disguise > Lepus for All
Mission Text
Before Completion
Now that the Hazards have been cleared, the supply lines between the Archives and the vendor Xraal are open once again. We have been subsisting on moldy rations and are in dire need of fresh supplies! Please bring us 5 Health Sludge and 5 Pure Water from Xraal so we may restock our pantry.
After Completion
Excellent! This sludge isn't as tasty or nutritious as the food from our native world, but with the right seasoning, it can be satisfying.