Takesy Backsies

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This mission was introduced during a special in-game event or offer and may no longer be available.

Takesy Backsies
Event Mission
Avatar Titan.png
Location: Titan (Frysteland)
Objective: Turn in 1 Titan's Mug.
Reward: Titan's Mug Achievement
Mission Chain: Caffeine Crash
Cup Runneth Over > Overflow > Takesy Backsies
Mission Text
Before Completion
Thank you, mortal, for providing me with some brief amusement. Unfortunately, all that laughter chapped by lips and left me parched, and I require mu mug once again. Return my mug, and I shall reward you with a keepsake to let everyone know of you great service to me!
After Completion
Ah! Refreshing! I am complete again! Let all know of your great service to Titan! Let them also know that you totally thought I "charged" my mug woth souls! Ha! I've got to tweet about this...