Talia's Treason

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Talia's Treason
Event Mission
Avatar Talia.png
Location: Talia (Fortune City)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Talia once.
Reward: 1500 Credits
Mission Chain: Titan's Tyranny Part 1
Cryptic Crimes > Guard Gauntlet > Essence of Nightmares > Stalling for Science > Talia's Treason > Presumed Guilty > Forensic Magic > Test of Innocence > Nightmare Cleanse > Shadow Hunt
Mission Text
Before Completion
There's...no...light. Must...kill the light. Take the light...from your eyes...
After Completion
*Cough* Thank...you... I've been possessed before, but never like that. My last memory is of moving the sample of Nightmare Essence to the testing area, then...dark. And a voice...