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UPDATE: You are now allowed to post links to the EpicDuel Wiki and its contents on the BattleOn ED forums.
-- Ashari | My Talk Page - 04:03, 15 September 2010 (UTC)

So I just talked to BigTuna about a problem linking to the wiki in the AE EDGD forum due to AE's rules about linking to non-AE affiliated sites on the forum. According to him, there's nothing to worry about, and things will get straightened out during the merge so that it will be alright to link to the wiki. Until further notice however, please do not provide links to the wiki in the AE ED forums.

Quote.pngBigTuna wrote:
The AK's haven't been told how to handle some of the situations that will arise from the merger.

I'll make sure they know how we stand on the Wiki and the Compendium. These are two valuable resources for which Titan, Nightwraith, and I have the utmost appreciation. We feel you've devoted quite a bit of time and effort to providing our community with these sites and would like to ensure their future support.

Don't worry, we're keeping your interests in mind. Until the merger is complete, though, refrain from posting links on the boards. There is still a bit of confusion to clear up.

Aquatically yours,

(and yes, I did upload the Quote.png image just for this!)
-- Ashari | My Talk Page - 08:16, 2 August 2010 (UTC)

Unofficial Wikis

I put this on the thread in the Epic Volunteers, but I'll post it again.

While it may be run the same way and possibly by the same people (I don't know), linking to the unofficial wikis (e.g. the DF Wiki) in the sidebar give this wiki a big association with the word "unofficial," which is often associated with the word "unreliable." Almost every month someone asks when the DF Wiki will be updated in the DF Q&A, and the answer is always the same: "The DF Wiki is unofficial and unreliable; the Encyclopedia is a much better source of information." It would be better to link to the official AQWorlds Wiki (, the DF Encyclopedia (, the AQ Encyclopedia (, the MQ Encyclopedia (, and the WF Encyclopedia (

"The Lore Forum" is, quite honestly, terrible. There is already an AE Forum ( --Acient J (talk) 17:47, 5 July 2010 (UTC)

Linked Wikis

The wikis that are linked to on the side are all run by Al Gilman. I can't personally attest for the information in the other AE related wikis, as I'm only involved in this one, however wiki projects as a whole are not meant to be "official" in any means. Wiki's are generally run by the users; the viewers of the wikis are the ones that contribute to it.

I'm aware that there is an official (AE sponsered) AQW Wiki [1], but has been around for the same amount of time. You can't claim that a wiki is immediately better than another simply because it is sponsored by AE. It's the users' experience on the wikis that matter. Some may prefer the navigate of while others may find aqworldswiki more familiar and easier to navigate.

As for linking to the encyclopedia pages for any of the games: that is unlikely to happen, though I will suggest a link to each encyclopedia (EpicDuel ED included) on the Guides section of the respective wikis. The forum-based encyclopedia are hard to navigate, difficult to search and like to include giant blocks of data that makes reading it very hard. Similarly they rely on the moderators of the forums to keep them up-to-date so they will not be updated as readily as wikis will be.

While I hear bad things about the DF wiki (I may just go over there and fix it up one day), it is better than no wiki at all. Without Al Gilman's support, the other AE games (sans AQW) would have no wikis.

-- Ashari | My Talk Page - 18:40, 5 July 2010 (UTC)

Unofficial VS Official Wiki

(This is the same thing that I posted on J's Talk Page.) Right, let me try to answer this as well as possible.
First, the "Official" Wiki sites are not operated by Al Gilman, and we would not claim to own them.
Second, unofficial =/= unreliable.
That's just an opinion, many people trust the AQWorlds Wiki over the official one because it is simple to navigate through.
Penultimately, people are always going to kiss up to the officials in the Q&A Sections of the Forums, and people are going to ask about things that are not able to be answered there.
Finally, the Lore Forum can be improved.
I hope this can answer anything you might be wondering.
Thank you,

The Doctor's Coat of Arms.png |The Doctor 18:07, 5 July 2010 (UTC)

My Point of View

I've been seeing this as an AE forumite who always trusts the official sources of information more than unofficial ones. While I see that there can be successful unofficial wikis, at least the DF Wiki is not one of them. I do believe that that link should be removed. I haven't recently used the other wikis, but my point stands that there are people who would instantly associate this one with the others and not think well of it.

I recognize this wiki as official, player-run because Titan has linked to it on the EpicDuel help page. --Acient J (talk) 19:49, 5 July 2010 (UTC)

Well, you have a good point

The problem is, we can't unlink one of the Wikis and not the other.
On a side note, the MechQuest Wiki is in a similar state of disrepair.
So is the AdventureQuest Wiki.
I suppose we could remove the Wikis box entirely, but that is up to the Bureaucrats.
I understand your point here, but it is a tricky situation.

The Doctor's Coat of Arms.png |The Doctor 20:07, 5 July 2010 (UTC)

My perspective

Well, the 'unofficial' AQWorlds Wiki has been here the day of AQWorlds Alpha. It was a much better and well organized wiki before the official one came in. It used to have good pages, use of templates, good pictures, rare vandals, etc.. When the release of the official wiki came, the unofficial one fell apart. Everyone wanted to contribute positively to that wiki in an attempt to become a Wiki Mod, then to become an AE mod. Now, the AQWorlds Wiki is nothing because we lost all our good contributors. And I also think that some people from the official wiki are purposely vandalizing to destroy the wiki. As for removing the "Wikis" section, NO. It is Al's Wiki and since he put it there, it shall stay unless he removes it. As for the DF Wiki, it used to be way better, but people just left. And now it is a ghost town. The same thing goes for the Lore Forum. It used be so active, but things got boring and it died out. As for this wiki, it may have been featured on the EpicDuel Help Page, but it is still unofficial. It has actually been there from a long time ago, it was not just recently added. It was there when the page was created. This wiki looks official because there is good information here. An unofficial wiki can do just as good as an official one. People just tend to go to the official one due to the fact that it's "Official". Oh, and this wiki is MUCH better than the ED Encyclopedia on the AE Forums. For example, their pictures are unclear, they are missing lots of items, the founder armor female picture is incorrect, etc.. That just proves that this unofficial wiki is much better than the official encyclopedia. Now, I have bored you enough of this big rant and that is all I have to say. White tiger.pngWhite Tiger | My Talk, Epic Duel Wiki Administrator/Bureaucrat 20:39, 5 July 2010 (UTC)


Thanks for the comments Acient J. I've fixed the mis-categorized Templates.

Category: Templates won't be included in the sidebar. It's already crowded enough and the links to all the templates are included several times in the Help pages about editing the wiki.

I am however making a few subcategories (especially for weapons). I will be adding weapon listings by type (sword/club/staff/etc), by level, by Attack type (energy/physical) and by Varium/Non-Varium.

-- Ashari | My Talk Page - 21:15, 5 July 2010 (UTC)

I Only Disagree With One Thing

I said I consider this the "official" wiki, and I do. It may have started as unofficial and it may not be sponsored or set up by the ED staff, but it has been linked to on the ED Help page whereas the other wikis have no such connection to their corresponding games. Because of its separation from the ED Forums, the AE Forums as a community does not know of this wiki and anyway wants something official on its site.

Oh, and one more thing, somewhat off-topic. If I may ask, what is a Bureaucrat? I'm not entirely familiar with a wiki's setup of authority. --Acient J (talk) 21:20, 5 July 2010 (UTC)

Small note: The above comment hadn't been made when I began this one; I was replying to White Tiger's comment. In response to Ashari: Your welcome, it was nothing. I did notice the uncreated "Staffs/Claws/etc. by Level" Pages. I'm willing to help if you'd like. --Acient J (talk) 21:23, 5 July 2010 (UTC)

A bureaucrat is the highest rank aside site owner (Al). Bureaucrat rights are granted by the community to exceptionally trusted users who are allowed to perform certain actions on other users' accounts. Bureaucrats have extended access to Special:UserRights, enabling them to add users to the 'sysop' and 'bureaucrat' groups (but not remove them), and both add users to and remove users from the 'bot' user group. Bureaucrats can use Special:RenameUser to rename users (including themselves). See Special:Listusers/bureaucrat for a list of users in this group. White tiger.pngWhite Tiger | My Talk, Epic Duel Wiki Administrator/Bureaucrat 21:33, 5 July 2010 (UTC)

Gamma News! (by Rainaka)

Gamma once delayed again!

just 5 minutes ago in 2vs2 battle with Rainaka, he said Gamma is delayed again! with yesterdays Update "Battle Animations" in the Option button, also the new section in the star button on the top right!

we only hope Gamma is next week! but no confirmation has been make, so we need to relax and wait for another week!

Good Luck to the Admins to release Gamma next week!


Thanks for the news. I already had Nightwraith's announcement about the delay posted up a little after he made it.Hopefully this is the last delay.
-- Ashari | My Talk Page - 17:58, 21 July 2010 (UTC)

Delta has Arrived!

We need to get the following done:

So far I have completed making the "Delta Knight" cheevo.

We need the following: Hazard Heart Armor Hazard (NPC) Armor Hazard (Strategy) Fortune City (new pictures) Delta Maul Delta Staff Delta Claws Delta Destroyer Blood Mage Cyber Hunter Tactical Mercenary

We need updated Class Change pricings, updated Class Evolution pricing. We need one seperate article on 2v1 Boss Battles.

Add more to this list.


EpicDuel Design notes.

[http notes.]

Forget to add Crumpets , Coffee and Yeti blood Item in Release log.

New Release Log don't contain Items: - Crumpets , Coffee and Yeti blood Item in Release log.
Leo07123.PNG Leo07123 | My Talk Page16:07, 9 Feb 2012 (IST)