Target: Revontheus

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Seasonal Rare
This mission was introduced during a special in-game event or offer and will return if said event occurs again.

Target: Revontheus
Event Mission
Avatar Nightwraith.png
Location: Nightwraith (Wasteland)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Revontheus 1 time.
Reward: 20000 Credits
Mission Chain: Night's Boss Blitz (Mission Chain)
Target: Theon > Target: Bido > Target: Deuce > Target: Seth Juron > Target: Revontheus > Target: Darkon > Target: Rabblefroth > Target: Charfade > Target: Titan > Target: Dage the Evil > Target: Acatriel > Target: REDACTED
Mission Text
Before Completion
Revontheus, loyal pawn of the big bad himself, Baelius, has made his share of enemies on Delta V. Fulfill this contract and defeat him to make him regret his unfortunate allegiance.
After Completion
Another one bites the dust! Hmmm…those would be good lyrics for a song.