Team Building Exercises

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Team Building Exercises
Permanent Mission
Avatar Conductor.png
Location: Conductor (Central Station)
Objective: Win 1 random team (2vs2) battle.
Reward: 75 Credits
Mission Chain: Welcome to Delta V (Mission Chain)
Welcome Committee > Team Building Exercises > A Challenging Request > Beginner Buying > Rise Against the Guard
Mission Text
Before Completion
Not every battle pits you against a single opponent. Great warriors also know how to work as a team to take down a foe! On your overhead display, find the icon of the skull with a 2. This sends you into a team battle with a random, level-matched partner against a team with similar abilities. Win one team battle and report back to me for your reward.
After Completion
Team battles often take longer, but have higher rewards. It seems you’re getting the hang of it -- care for another challenge?