Tech Mage

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Class-icon-tech-mage.png Base Stats

Health: 550
Energy: 560

Strength: 20
Dexterity: 21
Technology: 22
Support: 17

Default Weapon: Apprentice Staff
Class Specific Weapon: Staffs

TechMageM.png TechMageF.png

Tech Mages have potent, unblockable energy attacks with powerful side effects, such as stuns from Overload and lifesteal from Supercharge.

They also take advantage of many abilities which allow them to increase their already powerful damage or regenerate energy to fuel their attacks.


Wreathed in mystery, Tech Mages are an anomaly found only on the post-apocalyptic world of Delta V.

It was discovered early in the initial stages of colonization that some humans were affected in curious ways by direct contact with Varium under certain circumstances. They began to take on bizarre characteristics and accumulate the unusual faculties necessary to work with and even "communicate" with machines in a seemingly fraternal way. Before long, the men and women susceptible to the bizarre genetic mutations brought on by their exposure to Varium developed the means to absorb electricity and maintain a substantial store of energy in their bodies. This energy, charged and ready, could be unleashed in a torrent that could power a failing generator back to life or send a crew of mining androids into overdrive.

Tech Mages are, essentially, living batteries.

Before The War, these powerful men and women were neutrally aligned, for the most part. They created organizations like churches, the hierarchy that of a religious group, and elected to remove themselves from the politics of Delta V. Of course, as War drew near, their valued neutrality found itself falling by the wayside. These Tech Mages were human before they were anything else (though some considered themselves to be gods, like Caden) and chose to use their powers to benefit the factions whom they associated the most.

At one point, you must remember, these Tech Mages were a godsend amongst labor crews. They walked among fields of machinery performing an unusual kind of maintenance that only they could muster. Attuned to the voices of the machines, Tech Mages kept them running and kept the miners working smoothly, day in and day out. Their friendships were ironclad with the miners and freighter pilots of Delta V. When these people turned their machines on one another, the Tech Mages were there to protect their friends, and, some say, even more-so to protect the machines that they had helped to maintain for so long.

In either case, the Tech Mages were not protected during the banishment. They too found themselves floundering in chaos worlds, exiled to the spaces between time. When they returned, it was to a world full of broken machines and failing computers. Work needed to be done, so to work they would attend. Now, Tech Mages across the pitted surface of Delta V work to bring the lifeless machines of a broken planet back from the dead. For what end? Creation? Destruction? Only time will tell.


Story written by BigTuna

Skill Tree

Field Medic
Defense Matrix
Plasma Bolt
Plasma Rain
Super Charge
Deadly Aim

Removed Skills

Battery Backup.png Battery Backup
Immediately recharges the target's energy pool.
Fire Scythe.png Fire Scythe
Launches a fire wave, dealing physical damage. Ignores a % of the target's Defense.
Starting Classes Tech Mage - Bounty Hunter - Mercenary
Evolved Classes Blood Mage - Cyber Hunter - Tactical Mercenary