The Annoyance of Humanity

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The Annoyance of Humanity
Permanent Mission
Avatar Maintenace Bot.png
Location: Maintenance Bot (Central Station)
Challenge and defeat any of the following NPCs 7 times:
Exile Soldier
Heavy Guard
Reward: 200 Credits
Mission Chain: Foolish Humans
BORED! > Not a Good Reason > Access Denied > The Annoyance of Humanity > A Dozen Defeats
Level: 5
Mission Text
Before Completion
You humans think you're so cute, going around, fighting in the streets. You don’t even stop to think of the poor robots who have to pick up after your mess and fix all the destruction you've caused. I think I know who's to blame -- that Exile leader Oz and his flunkies. The Legion guards are no better.

If you can defeat Oz, an Exile Soldier, and/or a Heavy Guard for a total of 7 wins, I got a nice hunk of currency for ya.
After Completion
Thanks for helping out an old Maintenance Bot. Think you can handle another task?