The Banishment

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The Banishment
Permanent Mission
Avatar M4tr1x.png
Location: M4tr1x (Overlord Facility)
Objective: Turn in 1 Blood Pact.
Reward: 1500 Credits
Mission Chain: Dawn of Delta V
Stories of the Past > Project Delta > Mine for Memories > QED > Baelius' Pact > The Banishment
Mission Text
Before Completion
Baelius was a cunning man, and prepared himself for the uprising. Using experimental QED technology, Baelius intended to target all the insurgents and banish them into an unknown dimension between time and space, with no way of returning. However, the device targeted indiscriminately and removed 80% of the population instantly. Baelius gained absolute control of the planet, but lost many of his loyal followers and workforce. Thus, Delta V, once a place of hope and opportunity, became a place of desolation and ruin.

The Blood Pact. Once you hand it back to me, I will disintegrate it - prying eyes are everywhere, and it would do no good if it were to be publicised.
After Completion
This marks the end of 'The Prologue.' I have shown you everything you needed to see, from the beginning. You are well aware of what has happened after everyone were banished. Or did you also suffer from amnesia? Rest assured, Oz can tell you about the return from exile.