Tin Soldiers

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Tin Soldiers
Event Mission
Avatar Torgan.png
Location: Torgan (Frysteland)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Junker 5 times.
Reward: 1000 Credits
Mission Chain: Juloffenblotten Spirit
Nostalgia > Berry Holidays > Tin Soldiers > Tidings of Fighting > The Zest of Life > Costumed Krampus
Mission Text
Before Completion
The verse also said we need copper wire, and I know just where to get it. Copper isn’t very abundant in Frysteland, but Baelius’ hastily crafted robots should have a few lose wires ripe for the taking. Find some Junker robots and knock the copper wire right out of their metallic shells. Defeat 5 Junkers, and we will be well on our way to bringing a small light into these dark times.
After Completion
This mass of wire should do wonders for cleaning the claws of my hawks as they carry it all around Delta V. Thank you for bringing me everything I should need for the good children of the world.