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Golden Yeti Tournament
Tournament No. 1
Start Date February 22, 2013
End Date March 8, 2013
Duration 14 Days
Event Details
Featured Host Golden Yeti Tournament (Frysteland)
Enrollment Omega Ticket
Ticket Price Omega Founder Preorder Promotional Package
Sale Start Date December 20, 2012
Sale End Date February 5, 2013
1v1 Scoring 5 Points per Victory
2v2 Scoring 15 Points per Victory
Juggernaut Scoring 10 Points per Victory

Higher tiers claim all prizes from lower tiers, except the achievements.

Platinum Trophy (Rank 1)
PlatinumYetiTrophy 325px.png
Platinum Yeti Trophy
Rare Achievement
Star.png 3000
Gold Trophy (Ranks 2-20)
GoldYetiTrophy 325px.png
Gold Yeti Trophy
Rare Achievement
Star.png 2000
Silver Trophy (Ranks 21-50)
SilverYetiTrophy 325px.png
Silver Yeti Trophy
Rare Achievement
Star.png 1500
Bronze Trophy (Ranks 51-100)
BronzeYetiTrophy 325px.png
Bronze Yeti Trophy
Rare Achievement
Star.png 1000
Participation Trophy (Rank 100+)
GoldenOmegaTicket 325px.png
Golden Omega Ticket
Ultra-Rare Achievement
Star.png 3000