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Shoggoth's Showdown
Tournament No. 6
Start Date 4:00 P.M. August 23, 2022
End Date 3:59 P.M. August 26, 2022
Duration 3 Days
Event Details
Featured Host Captain Shoggoth (West Naval Yard)
Enrollment Shoggoth's Showdown Ticket
Ticket Price Variumicon.png 495
Pre-Sale Start Date August 19, 2022
1v1 Scoring 10 Points per Victory
2v2 Scoring 20 Points per Victory
Juggernaut Scoring 4 Points per Victory

Higher tiers claim all prizes from lower tiers, except the achievements.

Platinum Trophy (Rank 1)
ShoggothsShowdownPlatinum 325px.png
Shoggoth's Showdown Platinum
Ultra-Rare Achievement
Star.png 3000
Gold Trophy (Ranks 2-10)
ShoggothsShowdownGold 325px.png
Shoggoth's Showdown Gold
Ultra-Rare Achievement
Star.png 2000
Silver Trophy (Ranks 11-25)
ShoggothsShowdownSilver 325px.png
Shoggoth's Showdown Silver
Ultra-Rare Achievement
Star.png 1500
Bronze Trophy (Ranks 26-50)
ShoggothsShowdownBronze 325px.png
Shoggoth's Showdown Bronze
Ultra-Rare Achievement
Star.png 1000
Participation Trophy (Rank 50+)
ShoggothsShowdownTicket 325px.png
Shoggoth's Showdown Ticket
Ultra-Rare Achievement
Star.png 2000