Trouble at Sea

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Trouble at Sea
Event Mission
Avatar GodofWar.png
Location: God of War (Wasteland)
Objective: Turn in 1 White Flag.
Reward: 2000 Credits
Mission Chain: The Hundred-Year Curse Epilogue
Agent of Chaos > Trouble at Sea > Mandate of Heaven > A Shadow on the Horizon > Mind of Steel
Mission Text
Before Completion
I have found the perfect candidate - one who displays both strength in combat and weakness of mind. Shoggoth and his band of pirates are too weak to fight Kathool's control, but still pose enough of a threat for the Imperial Navy to be concerned. All I have to do, then, is to override that slimy sea monster's commands. Beat Shoggoth until you obtain a White Flag. With this, I'll soon have the Naval Yard in my grasp...
After Completion
Gah! It seems that Shoggoth's mind is too weak - it would shatter if I try to wrest control from Kathool- He'd become a gibbering idiot, of no use to anything but vultures. Nonetheless, I have planted more subtle suggestions in his head. He will be much more inclined to engage in battle now... I anticipate that things will be heating up at the Naval Yard in the near future...