Unruly Crisis

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Unruly Crisis
Event Mission
Avatar Titan.png
Location: Titan (Frysteland)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Arctic Guard 1 time.
Reward: 750 Credits
Mission Chain: Frozen Fury Part 2 - Of Yetis and Hawks
Unruly Crisis > War Wounds > Left For Dead > Corrupted Beasts > Food For Thought > Hunter and the Prey > Yeti Encounter > Lies and Deceit > Juloffenblotten Truce
Mission Text
Before Completion
Greetings mortal. I am well aware you are all in the festive spirit of Juloffenblotten, but there are some who seek to take advantage of others letting their guard down. There have been reports from the citizens of Frysteland regarding the disappearance of Yetis. The Legion is well known for their corruption of the Yetis, and look for any sort of opportunity to imprison more of them.

Interrogate the Legion Guard for information on the disappearance of Yetis.
After Completion
This is most certainly interesting. It seems the Legion may be innocent in the matter of recent Yeti corruption. We must dig deeper to find the truth!

Juloffenblotten provides an excellent cover for you to interrogate both factions, and find out what is happening on my island. Perhaps, there is a chance of a Seasonal Truce between Exiles and the Legion.