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Rules and Conditions

  • 1. No Spam
  • 2. No Inappropriate content or language.
  • 3. No Discussion of hacking or anything related to that.
  • 4. Do not vandalize this page.
  • 5. Always sign your post with ~~~~ so it's easier to know who posted and when.
  • 6. I have the right to not answer your question/post and if it is a legitimate reason, please inform me that I didn't answer. Continuous reminders over and over again will be counted as spam and will not be answered even if it is important.

Anyone caught doing # 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 will be warned, after that, banned. The length of the ban will depend on what you did. # 5 is just a reminder to new users. I recommend you follow all of these rules accordingly.

If you are sure you have read all the rules, please proceed

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